Guitar Ownership Do’s and Don’t

In this blog I am sharing some suggestions for maintaining and caring for your guitar.  These are things that I believe will keep your guitar working well and even prolong its life.


1) DO wash your hands before you play.

    Aside from extending string life, a good wash will get blood flowing to the fingers.

2) DO use old t-shirts for cleaning rags.

     The best cleaning rags are NOT microfiber.  Scratches on finishes are caused by dust particles trapped in the cleaning cloth.  Microfiber excels at holding onto dust. It will then scratch up your finish with impunity.  Use CLEAN old t-shirts or cloth diapers.

3) DO change strings as often as you can afford to.

     The single easiest yet most important thing you can do for your guitar is to keep fresh strings installed.  Your guitar and your ears will thank you.

4) DO learn how to properly install strings.

     Your luthier / technician can show you how.  This will pay dividends in better tone and tuning stability.

5) DO periodically secure all screws and nuts.

     Every once in a while, check all the mechanisms of security on your guitar.  This would include anything that holds anything else together or in place.


1) DO NOT use any sort of petroleum products on or near your guitar.

    This would include string lubricants, fretboard “conditioners” or waxes.  All of these build up and foul finishes and can screw up electronics or lift frets.

2) DO NOT leave your guitar on a stand for extended periods.

     Stands are performance tools.  They offer no protection to the guitar at all.  Extended stays in a stand can cause nasty finish problems in all the wrong places.  The best place for your guitar when you aren’t playing it is in its hard case.  I know people like gig bags.  They inspire carelessness and invite damage.

3) DO NOT leave your guitar anywhere you wouldn’t want to be.

    Wanna sit in your trunk in July for ten hours?  Of course not.  Your guitar will make you pay if you neglect it.

4) DO NOT give thieves a chance.  They will take it.

     Be vigilant.  If your guitar is worth owning, it’s worth stealing.

5) DO NOT forget the best way to improve your sound – PRACTICE.