20 Questions With Josh Galbraith


Among the many up and coming young players in the Tampa Bay Area, Josh Galbraith  has distinguished himself already with a fresh and exciting approach combined with a warm, familiar texture.  His playing embraces his influences and spins them up a bit into a refreshing cocktail.  Along with his sisters Ashley and Taylor in the Galbraith Group they are shining a light on a new sound while respecting the best of the past.  I think you will hear them making waves in the scene for many years to came.

Join us now for this 20 Questions With Scooter featuring Josh Galbraith.

Discuss your earliest musical memories.

My earliest musical memories would be getting up in the morning before school and my father blasting artists such as Johnny Winter or Eric Clapton through the stereo.  That would get us pumped for the rest of the day.

Who or what compelled you to pick up guitar?

My father compelled me to pick up the guitar.  He took me to our local Sam Ash and we got a starter kit.  From there I took some lessons and was forced to play at least 45 min. a day.

Who was your main guitar influence?

My main influences were the British Blues rockers of the late 60’s to start, such as Clapton, Beck and Page.  From there, I really got into progressive music of the 1970’s.

Have you ever been influenced by non-guitar music or players?

Many non guitarists have influenced me, Miles Davis chiefly among them.

Describe the local music scene where you came up.

Local music scene was comprised of lots of Blues Jams, and a popping craft brewery/jam band scene.

Discuss some highlights of your playing career.

A couple highlights thus far would be opening up for Tab Benoit and Lettuce, who are some of our musical heroes.

Talk about a turning point at any time in your career.

A turning point in my career would have to be opening for Tab Benoit.  To be able to play alongside someone I listened to as a young child and respect so much was really cool!

Discuss your current gig.

My current gig right now is a project with my siblings called the “Galbraith Group”. We have just released our first album “Time” and are Releasing a second album next month.  You can find our music and merch at http://www.galbraithmusic.com

Where and how often do you perform?

Right now we have backed off the performing to produce our albums, but keep an eye on the webpage as we will have some festival shows coming later in the year.

Discuss your practice regimen.

As far as a practice regimen, I don’t practice much.  But I do spend a lot of time on songwriting now.

Do you work a “regular” job?

Currently, I am working a General Contracting gig which I just started and am very excited about.

At what point did you think you could make a living at music?

We just started hustling gigs and getting paid for them and I guess we were “professional” then.

Tell us about your favorite guitar.

Currently my favorite guitar is a 52 reissue Tele, which I am really digging.

Talk a little about your current rig. Preferred strings? Picks? Tuning?

My current rig is mainly the tele plugged into a 68 super reverb. I also am using a Way Huge Aqua Puss delay, Musitronics Phaser and a Vox wah.

What piece of gear is essential to your playing?

My delay pedal is crucial to my sound.

Describe your proudest moment as a musician.

My proudest moment would be opening up for Lettuce in January 2017.  It was quite an honor.

If given the chance, what non musical profession would you be interested in?

A non musical profession I would enjoy would be a travelling blogger such as an Anthony Bourdaine.

What beloved, legendary artist do you just not “get”?

I know I will get a lot of flack for this, but I am trying to “get” The Grateful Dead.